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How can i get money back my ex-girlfriend took from me?

Question asked on May 05th, 2017 Q: I was taking care of my girlfriend financially and i have sent her a lot of money, there was also money i loaned her and the way she would pay me back was her letting me use her bank account to pay my credit cards. When we broke up...


Question asked on May 08th, 2017 Q; I'm looking for a lawyer and how much is a RETAINER fee, and I am looking for lawyer asap because I don't want to keep my free lawyer, she isn't helping me and is even mean and not caring about my case. A: Every law office sets its...

Can a marriage be annulled if it was never consummated?

Question asked on May 10th, 2017 Q: Marriage took place in Las Vegas but was never consummated. Can this marriage be annulled? The grounds listed do not show lack of consummation as a valid reason. Is it simply understood that lack of consummation would be valid...

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