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Mother collects money from 2 father’s for the same child

Question asked on Jan 6th, 2019 Q: Is it illegal to collect money from two father's for the same child? One not reported and One on child support. Got it in black n white that she has been getting money from another man while Child Support Agency collects from the...

My wife has not come home

Question asked on Nov 16th, 2018 Q: Hello. About few month ago my wife has packing up. She will go out dont home for few days dont text Asked her she apologized. And do samething over and over but few days ago I cough her gambling and seeing over guys for money? What...

Can I establish Nevada residency for a divorce?

Question asked on Sept 18th, 2018 Q: I'm active duty military, so it's not possible for me to physically reside in Nevada for six weeks. However, my father has an address there (note: it is not my home of record). Is there something in Nevada law that allows me to...

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