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Willick Law Group Location

Address: 3591 East Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 438-4100
Fax (702) 438-5311



The firm is located at 3591 East Bonanza Rd., Ste. 200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110-2101.  The phone number is (702) 438-4100, and the extensions are listed below.  Fax is (702) 438-5311.  E-mail can be directed to [first name of intended recipient] Extensions

#101     Reception

#103     Marshal S. Willick, Esq.

#107     Justin K. Johnson

#108     Trevor M. Creel, Esq.

#112     Victoria Javiel

#115     Richard M. Crane

#116     Faith Fish

#118     Deisy Martinez-Viera

#126     Mary Steele

#128     Darcy Bower, Esq.

#130     Kristina M. Marcus


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