Marshal Law (MLAW) Case Summaries


MLAW Case Summaries is a web-based service that provides subscribers with a fully searchable electronic database of summaries and full text of all relevant family law cases in the State of Nevada from 1864 to the present, plus other information as detailed below.

Features and Contents

Fully searchable summaries and full text of all relevant Nevada family law cases.

Fully searchable text of all NRCP, EDCR, WDCR, and NRCP rule sets, and relevant NRS sections.

Easily cut and paste case summaries, case text, rules, and statutes directly into legal documents while drafting.

All entries constantly updated to provide all the latest developments in domestic relations case law, statutory authority, and state and local court rules, all in one place.

Content will also include Nevada law review articles, legal notes, and other content to allow “one-stop shopping” for relevant discussion of any Nevada family law case or legal theory.  The database is constantly being expanded.

Previous searches can be easily recalled at any time.

The program can be accessed at the office, at home, or in the courtroom via any computer or mobile device with internet capabilities, including pads and even phones.

How to Use It

The database is searchable by any word, and narrowed as desired.  For example, a first-level search for “child support” could have hundreds of hits; a search within those results for “modification” would be far smaller, and search within those results for “transportation” would narrow the returned stack to just the few cases most relevant.  It is simple to switch from viewing the summary and full text of a case, and any desired text can be cut-and-pasted out to motions, etc., directly.

Statutes, rules, and articles can be found, and copied, just as easily.

History and Reasons for Existence

For years, practitioners have requested a computerized replacement for the old Marren/Page “Notable Domestic Relations Cases” list.  That existing list, and the one supplement that was distributed in 2006, are both posted at

As that list got large and a bit unwieldy, I was asked to come up with a way to make it easier to search.  At the same time, some folks had problems with the text used in some of the existing summaries, and I was asked to supplement it with the case summaries I’ve been personally keeping since the 1980s.

Others had asked if there was any way to replicate the search capability we have internally here in this firm for both case summaries and full text, for use in document filing.  Being able to find case authority by random term search is a tremendous benefit.

All of this led me to hire programmers to create such a database program, which allows use of any keyword or series of nested keywords to bring up both the case summary and the full text of every Nevada family law case decided since 1864, plus all available persuasive authority (NFLR articles, other law review articles, legal notes, etc.) relating to Nevada Family Law.  The Willick Law Group fronted all development costs during the years it took to complete the program, and its personnel keep the database constantly updated.


Initial Purchase: $500 for a year

Includes Unlimited Access to:

Renewal Cost for the same package is $400

Content Updates

MLAW Case Summaries is frequently updated with new resources, ranging from family law cases to revised rule sets. The Content Update Reports below detail the database’s most recent additions.


Subscription Contact: All subscriptions are processed manually through Willick Law Group. To sign up, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-702-438-4100.

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