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Military Retirement Benefits

The Willick Law Group has substantial experience dealing with military retirement benefits cases. Marshal Willick wrote the first textbook in this subject area, “Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce: A Lawyer’s Guide to Valuation and Distribution” for the American Bar Association in 1998, and has written articles and taught continuing legal education seminars on the subject for over 25 years.


The materials below, including a summary of the changes to the USFSPA as a result of the 2017 NDAA, a comprehensive article on division of military retirement benefits, a Survivor’s Benefit Plan cost-shifting calculator, and other links and explanatory exhibits are intended to provide a resource for those working in this area or subject or interested in learning it.


Military cases involve unique and technical issues. The Willick Law Group often assists litigants and lawyers throughout the country, drafting orders, consulting, or providing expert witness testimony in military cases. We welcome calls or e-mails from litigants or attorneys who have need for more direct assistance with their cases.



From periodically – updated CLE materials:






Additional Military related articles and information:





Historical Military Pay Tables




Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce (1998)


A Lawyer’s Guide to Valuation and Distribution
by Marshal S. Willick Price: $25


Covers all aspects of cases with military benefits, showing you how to:


  • Value retirement plans and other service benefits
  • Obtain information and payment from military pay centers
  • Manage multi-state and international litigation
  • Handle survivorship benefits
  • Deal with jurisdiction traps
  • Obtain direct payment of benefits
  • Appeal adverse decisions


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