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Co Owner wont sign papers to sell home

Question asked on Jul 06th, 2017 Q: My divorce was finalized in almost a year ago. I was ordered to pay the mortgage but the home had to be sold per the decree. My Ex is ignoring all efforts to sign the paperwork to sell the home. What are my options? Can I use the...

Can I see my siblings?

Question asked on Jun 10th, 2017 Q: I am a minor, 17 years of age. My two half brothers live with my step mom. She hasn't responded to my massages and wont talk to me at all. She hasn't said I could see them but I believe that is so. Can I see them or call them? They...

How can I get divorced?

Question asked on Jun 20th, 2017 Q: I left my abusive husband in Wichita, Kansas and reside in Carson City now. I would like to file here in Nevada for Kansas divorce. Can I do that? A: Your question may be just phrased awkwardly, but: You cannot file in the Nevada...

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