Question asked on May 14, 2021

Q: How do I claim home property acquired during the marriage after divorce in 2000 in Las Vegas? Also, home property was not disclosed in the divorce proceeding. My husband made me sign a quitclaim deed during the marriage in 1996. He told me that his parents own the home in San Diego. I recently found out that my married name was on the deed. My husband was not honest with me and not telling me anything about the home that was acquired during the marriage. I didn’t understand my decree at that time, the lawyer didn’t give me my rights.

A: I’m not sure I fully understand the situation, but it will be — at best — difficult to undo a 25-year old quit claim.  There is a statute relating to “omitted assets” that permits a person who left something out of a divorce decree to “partition” it within 3 years of discovering the error — but it is hard to see how that might apply to your facts, although you indicate your just found out “recently.”  Consider looking at the 2015 article relating to the Nevada law of partition of omitted assets, which is posted here.  Then consider having a consultation with a family law specialist well versed in the subject of omitted assets.