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Uncontested Divorce

A truly uncontested divorce can be issued within a week or two of the time the papers are completed and filed (judges vary a bit on how fast they process the paper; but it could be as little as a couple of days). The cost varies a bit depending on the procedure used (see the pages of our web site entitled Joint Petition Divorces, which explains why we don’t use that route).

Filing fees keep changing and are unavoidable. Currently, they now cost close to a $1,000 (total for both sides). The rest of the retainer requested would be for attorney’s fees, but if the case is truly uncontested, the time (and therefore the money) consumed to put together all required papers is fairly modest, and we reduce our retainer accordingly. Because of the infinite variety of things that can go wrong, however, we do not flat fee such matters; the easier they are, the less expensive they are. As with all of our retainer agreements, funds not used (assuming that there are any) are returned to the client upon completion of the work.

However, if anything goes wrong, or especially if any portion of the matter becomes contested by either party, it could take far longer and become much more expensive. Should the matter become contested after the time of hiring of this office, the client will have the option to either have us withdraw, substitute another attorney in, or sign a full retainer contract for normal litigation services.

In a truly uncontested divorce situation, WILLICK LAW GROUP tries to ensure that parties know what they are doing, and then does everything possible to complete the matter properly, efficiently, economically, and expeditiously.


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