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MLaw Malmquistizer is a web-based service that calculates the community interest in a residence titled in only one party’s name.  The community interest is divisible upon divorce.

This program is accessible by any computer or mobile device with internet access.

History and Reasons for Existence

The Malmquist decision, requiring a series of calculations to derive the community interest in a separately-titled residence, was issued in 1990.  For years we have been asked to perform Malmquist calculations for other offices, and have done so for modest charges; we have been dismayed to see others charging thousands of dollars for what is essentially a straightforward series of calculations.  So we built a calculator to perform the calculations, simply requiring the input of obtainable information.  We hope this makes the practice of family law more productive and economical for everyone.


This program is available free of charge for all MLaw subscribers to MLAW Case Summaries and MLAW Interest and Penalties Calculator ($350 per year, for unlimited access to all programs).

A single run of the program is available (where the purchaser provides the data and the calculation is performed by our staff) for $250.

Malmquist Questionnaire

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