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Nevada is a no-fault, community property state.  At least one party to the marriage must be a Nevada resident for six weeks before filing for divorce.  While divorces are as individual as are people, the issues that arise in divorce generally fall in five broad categories: Grounds and jurisdiction for divorce; Child issues (custody, visitation, and support); Property and debt issues; Alimony (spousal support, or “maintenance”) issues; and Procedural and cost issues.  We have divided these five general categories of divorce into specific topics of specific information throughout the information posted on this website.

There are a large number of statutes specifically governing Family Law matters. Additionally, there are special sets of court rules governing Family Court procedure, which vary by county.  Wherever possible, we have linked the relevant statutes to discussions of particular topics.

In Clark County, the Court’s “self-help” center distributes form packets to those who believe they do not need the assistance of counsel, or cannot afford counsel. It is possible to see whether an action has been filed (by name or case number) by checking the Court’s on-line computer system; called Odyssey, it requires a password for access.

WILLICK LAW GROUP is “AV” rated in the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory, placing it in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, and signifying the highest level of legal ability and adherence to the professional standards of conduct, ethics, reliability, and diligence.  The firm practices in every aspect of Family Law, and our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience, at trial and on appeal.  With the completion and opening of the Willick Law Center in 2007, we created a facility across the street from Family Court in which all aspects of our work can be pursued as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This firm works constantly to earn a reputation for meticulous and comprehensive legal writing, as well as diligent and zealous advocacy in both trial and appellate courts.

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