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Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage, which can involve deciding how property will be divided, making arrangements for child custody and support, and granting alimony. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can help you understand the complexities of the divorce process and ensure that you receive a fair outcome.

Willick Law Group Family Law Las Vegas


An annulment is a legal procedure that dissolves a marriage, treating it as if it never existed. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can explain the grounds for annulment and provide you with sound legal advice so that you can make the best decision for your future.

Willick Law Group Family Law Las Vegas

Property Rights

Property rights are important issues in divorce cases. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can explain your rights and help you determine the best way to divide marital property and assets, ensuring that you get rightful results.

Willick Law Group Family Law Las Vegas

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most important and emotionally charged issues in a divorce. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can provide you with information about your rights and legal options, and guide you through the process of reaching a custody agreement that is in the best interests of your children.

Willick Law Group Family Law Las Vegas

Child Support

Child Support is an important factor that is determined in divorce cases. It is a payment made by a parent to help support their child after the divorce. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can help you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to child support and make sure that you and your child receive the support that you deserve.

Willick Law Group Family Law Las Vegas

Spousal Support/Alimony

Spousal Support/Alimony is a payment made from one spouse to the other in order to help maintain the lifestyle that was established during the marriage. The attorneys at the Willick Law Group can help you understand the laws surrounding spousal support and make sure that you and your partner receive a balanced settlement.



of first marriages end in divorce


of 2nd marriages end in divorce


of 3rd marriages end in divorce

Frequency of Divorce

In America there is one divorce every 13 seconds.

Divorces Per Day

Divorces Per Week

Jobs with the lowest divorce rates

  • Directors of Religion 5.88% 5.88%
  • Clergy 5.61% 5.61%
  • Transit Police 5.26% 5.26%
  • Optometrists 4.01% 4.01%
  • Agricultural Engineers 1.78% 1.78%

Jobs with the highest divorce rates

  • Dancers / Choreographers 43.05% 43.05%
  • Bartenders 38.43% 38.43%
  • Massage Therapist 38.22% 38.22%
  • Gaming Cage Worker 34.66% 34.66%
  • Extruding Machine Operator 32.74% 32.74%

MLAW Web App for Important Information

What is it?

  • MLAW Interest and Penalties Calculator is a web-based program designed to provide interest calculations for existing judgments and arrears, as well as child support penalties calculations.

Why You Need It:

  • Figures interest to date on any lump sum or periodic arrears.
  • Calculates child support penalty in accordance with NRS 125B.095.
  • Automatically updates and accounts for all statutory interest rates to date.
  • Can dramatically increase the amount of your judgment.
  • Under NRS 99.040(1), the calculation and recovery of interest is required as a matter of right, is not discretionary, and only requires determination of the rate of interest, the time it commences to run, and the amount to which interest applies; the program does the work for you!

What’s New In Version 4:

  • MLAW Interest and Penalties Calculator is now accessible at the office, at home, or in the courtroom via any computer or mobile device with internet capabilities.
  • New and improved user interface for easier navigation and tabulation.

WILLICK LAW GROUP is a Family Law firm in Las Vegas, NV. Founded in 1985, the firm has dedicated itself exclusively to the field of Family Law for nearly three decades, and is located across the street from the Family Court building, at Pecos and Bonanza. The firm practices at the trial court level in State and Federal Courts, and in appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court and the Federal Appellate Courts.

The Willick Law Group has well earned a reputation for meticulous and comprehensive legal writing, as well as diligent and zealous advocacy in both trial and appellate courts, and is committed to remaining the premier Family Law firm in Nevada.

Family Law, or Domestic Relations Law, includes the law of divorce, annulments, child custody, visitation, and child support, property and debt division, and alimony (spousal support), as well as paternity, guardianship, adoption, and grandparent visitation rights cases, and negotiating and drafting premarital and postnuptial agreements. Our work frequently involves pension or retirement division (including the drafting of QDROs under ERISA, and military retirement, Civil Service retirement, and State of Nevada PERS issues). Many of our cases involve interstate or international claims, including many contested jurisdiction matters, establishing or enforcing custody or support orders under the UCCJEA and UIFSA, and a number of child kidnaping cases under the Hague Convention for the recovery of internationally abducted children. As necessary, we also litigate matters related to core family law disputes, including some domestic torts, spyware and invasion of privacy claims, and collection of judgment arrears, penalties, and statutory interest.

The WILLICK LAW GROUP has an active practice in all aspects of Family Law, and has the highest (“A V”) rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory, which has recognized the firm’s professional and ethical standing by listing us in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.

We have developed this web site as a service to those seeking information, about Nevada Family Law or about our firm. We hope you find it useful. Of course, no web site, and no posted materials, can take the place of a specific analysis by informed, competent counsel, as detailed in our Legal Page.

The following pages break down the major aspects of Family Law into categories that should assist you in gathering information that will be useful to you.

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