The following links are to some of the published Nevada family law articles and other publications that the attorneys of the Willick Law Group have written. Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) materials from some of the courses that the attorneys of the Willick Law Group have taught or presented can be found here.

Miscellaneous articles and materials on a variety of topics:














Summaries of All Major Nevada Family Law Cases Issued from 1865 to 2006:

The lawyers of the Willick Law Group, and particularly Mr. Willick, are frequently asked to draft “Friend of the Court,” or Amicus, Briefs for the Nevada Supreme Court on family law topics on behalf of the State Bar of Nevada Family Law Section. We draft these briefs either alone or in conjunction with other attorneys. Below are some of those briefs, on a number of topics.

Hague Convention Materials

From our series of articles and lectures relating to International Kidnaping and the Hague Convention designed to provide remedies for such abductions, both a full article with appropriate citations (from a CLE taught at the Legal Education Institute, at Aspen, Colorado, in 2004, with its Appendix), and a brief summary of the material (published in the Communique, a publication of the Clark County Bar Association, in May, 2004):

Council Of Community Property States

The following are some of the Willick Law Group’s continuing series of writings on community property for the annual Symposiums conducted by the Council of Community Property States:

The following two articles from the Nevada Family Law Reporter are older, but we are informed they are still referenced by practitioners and parties: