Question asked on Dec 16th, 2016

Q: My daughters dad is an alcoholic and has a history of dui there is no custody agreement and he is demanding I give him my address so that he can come take my daughter from me. Do I have to give him my address? She is only 2 months old. He is on her birth certificate.

A:Short answer is “no” but . . . .  If both parents are on the birth certificate, they have presumptive joint legal and joint physical custody.  That said, you have every right to be concerned if the father has a history of DUI, and you should take steps (i.e., get a protective court order in place) to protect the child. For background information, explanations, and links to the relevant statutes, see here and here.  You should consider consulting — soon — with a qualified family law specialist.
Marshal S. Willick