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Joint Petition Divorces

Since 1983, Nevada has had some provision for “summary divorce procedures.” By 1987, it had matured to the current Joint Petition (Summary Proceeding) law, for the stated purpose of simplifying the procedures for divorce when both parties were in agreement, and eliminating costly court proceedings for proper person litigants. Forms for such divorces are even posted on the self-help center’s website.

Critics have charged that the process, when assisted by an attorney, inherently gives the appearance that the attorney is representing both parties, which would (of course) be an actual conflict of interest. Dual representation is forbidden by existing rules of ethics.

WILLICK LAW GROUP has concluded that the ethical pitfalls and invitation to challenges inherent in attorney-assisted joint petitions are such that we do not file any such actions. Instead, our divorce actions are completed under the traditional Complaint/Answer system of pleading, in the interest of minimizing the chances of an appearance of impropriety, and increasing the chances that any resolution reached will pass muster by any reviewing court.

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