Question asked on June 9, 2021

Q: My ex girlfriend has a TPO against me and she keeps contacting me. We had dinner last weekend and now we aren’t getting along and I’m afraid she’s going to call the cops or tell the judge I’m violating the TPO. We are also going through a custody battle. Can I get the TPO dissolved for her contacting me?

A: Short answer:  Maybe.  You can file a request to dissolve the TPO, indicating that there is no legitimate fear on her part as evidenced by her inviting you to dinner, but you should NOT initiate any contact with, or agree to see, her until the TPO has been dissolved.  For forms, see the Family Law self-help center website, or contact a family law specialist — which is probably a good idea if you are in the middle of custody litigation anyway.  For background on DV and child custody issues, see the materials posted here and here.