Question asked on May 14, 2021

Q: I am a single mother and have been taking care of my daughter since birth but now the court has ordered some trial visitations with the father. I am fine with it. I have some concerns: Do I have a right to ask the father to have a real bed and dresser or a nightstand for my daughter in his 1-bedroom apartment? My daughter has become a woman and would not have any privacy with her personal female items. Can I ask the judge to withhold overnight visits until my daughter can have her own night stand and a real bed not a twin blow-up or can ask for no overnights until my daughter can have her own bedroom?

A: The question does not have a specific answer — for example, the Nevada Supreme Court has said that no parent should have his or her rights terminated simply for being poor, and it is considered a good thing for a child to have a relationship with both parents.  That said, there are minimums for the safety and adequacy of accommodations for a child, especially one heading into puberty.  Can you ask for those restrictions?  Sure.  Whether it is reasonable, and what a judge is likely to do, would require a much more thorough review of the history and reality of the case — you probably should have a full consultation with a family law specialist, going over the full history and all court orders, before deciding on a course of action.