Question asked on April 30, 2021

Q: CPS showed up at my son’s school first before even contacting me to pull him out of class. They then came to my door letting me know that they pulled my son out of class which really misplaced my conscious and feelings. They then wouldn’t give me the name of who called and the reason why they were there. They then opened up my case for no given reason or probable cause as well. They then wanted me to take a drug test thinking I was on other substances because of being incoherent when they asked me questions. I wasn’t being incoherent while they were asking questions I was really shocked and trying to pack to move to my new place and feeding my baby. I refused to take the test knowing all I do is smoke weed, work and take care of my kids.

A: Short answer: “probably not.”  There is no requirement of disclosure of sources, although sometimes it comes up, and comes out, during court proceedings.  The situation is obviously sufficiently complex that you should consult with a family law specialist to go over all of your options.