Question asked on May 11, 2021

Q: I have been working with this lawyer since November. They have yet to file my motion to have a judgement set aside and my ex’s lawyer keeps filing motions to hold me in contempt for failing to sell my home. I have asked my lawyer both in person and by telephone what is taking so long and the few times he has sent me a motion to review, it has been wrong. Finally they got it right but they haven’t filed yet and now I am told he is out of the office for the rest of the week.

A: What you have written seems reasonable, on the basis of what is disclosed.  That said, it is not possible to really respond intelligently as to what is going on without complete information about what is in the file, what is and was known to the lawyer, when, what the lawyer says is the basis for the delay, and a host of other things.  Really, if you are uncertain, you should start with a heart-to-heart with your attorney; if you are uncertain whether it is valid, consider getting a second opinion consultation.  If unsatisfied, consider obtaining replacement counsel.