Question asked on April 1, 2021

Q: My daughter who is 11 goes back and forth every week from my house to her father’s. We have had this agreement for 2 years. She cannot converse with them how she feels since they constantly yell at her and have also went to the point of almost hitting her and threatening her that they will hit her if she does something bad. She is scared and cries to me about and how they yell at her to not tell me their business. She wants to live with me full time and just visit to her dads since they have no real relationship. Should I go back to court so she can speak with a judge? I don’t want them to take her away and say I am just being evil and forced her to say these things.

A: Every child custody case is different.  Normally, most judges do not meet with children, but a court can ask for an interview to be done by the family mediation center staff, or a private therapist.  You should look over the factors that will be used in any attempted child custody modification, posted here.  And then you should consult with a knowledgeable family law specialist to go over how to document your child’s concerns and have adequate evidence to be wrongfully accused.