Question asked on March 9, 2021

Q: The judgement has not been signed by judge or filed. I want to appeal because I was ordered to pay medical bills that were already settled in child support, but she re-submitted again in custody court. The judgement was in San Bernardino California.

A: You have a couple of different problems.  First, tracking down the order — it should not still be outstanding three months later, and it is possible it has been entered and your copy was just never served.  In any event, there are multiple things possible — an appeal, possibly, but probably more effective a motion for reconsideration or rehearing showing actual payment/assessment of the same sums in a prior judgment.  Either way, you are going to have to speak with California counsel on the matter; no one in Nevada is going to be able to do anything to resolve the situation, and you should contact a lawyer in San Bernardino County.