Alimony, or spousal support, can be the most contentious part of many divorces. It’s distinct and separate from child support, which can be another difficult aspect to hash out. There are always arguments over alimony and spousal support, whether it’s fair at all, how much is fair, and what happens if someone’s situation changes.

Is it possible to change the amount of payments related to alimony or spousal support? What are the laws surrounding this, and how is it accomplished? Let’s explore how to change alimony and child support payments, what circumstances allow for such a change, and how a family law attorney can be important.

Child Support

In Nevada, child support is controlled by statute. The amount that is to be paid is calculated based on the custody time share, the incomes of the parents, and the needs of the child. The Court has discretion to modify upward or downward from the statutory amounts based on other issues.

The ability to modify a child support award is also statutory. The rules concerning modification of an existing order can be complex depending on where the parties now live, the age of the children, and whether incomes have changed. It is imperative to have an attorney that understands the myriad complex issues that exist in a modification of a support order.


Alimony is even more complex than child support. First, alimony is a creature of divorce in Nevada. There is no specific right to alimony and is discretionary to the Court. Alimony can be permanent, have a specific termination date, can be modifiable or unmodifiable, it can be rehabilitative or allowed to be paid in lump sum. The facts of each case dictate what might be appropriate and whether it is modifiable.

Getting Help from a Family Law Attorney

Negotiating or getting a Court order for either child support or alimony or modification to either can be extremely tricky. Any divorce can involve a great deal of back and forth and compromise, and often, having a family law attorney in your corner is your best bet for getting a satisfactory settlement all around.

For many years, the Willick Law Group has helped estranged Nevada couples come to acceptable agreements relating to child support and alimony. Call us for a consultation to see what the facts of your particular case may dictate.

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