Question asked on Oct 11th, 2014

Q: My ex and I broke up 6 years ago after my daughter was born. He has paid child support only one year and is fighting —  he wants 50/50 custody on his days off only.  To the best of our knowledge she is his, however him and I were broken up a while, and I would like A DNA test before we have to spend the next 12 years.

 A: The short answer to your question is “no.”  I have never heard of a criminal prosecution under any similar circumstances.  If, at this point, you have doubts about paternity, you can request testing; the legalities of who can and should do what are a bit complicated for this posting, which does not state whether there has already been a finding of paternity, whether he is on the birth certificate, etc.  For background information, see

Marshal S. Willick