Question asked on Aug 08th, 2016

Q: What are my rights as a father in the state of Nevada?  My soon to be ex wife has taken my children and moved away about an hour or so to be exact. She will not tell me who my kids are with or anything about them. She states that according to her attorney I have no legal right to know anything.


A: Unless there is some order so stating, that is the opposite of what is true.  Relocation law was recently stiffened to forbid move aways without consent of the other parent or permission of the court, except under extremely limited circumsstances.  See the rules for custody, and relocations, here.  And parents with even just joint legal custody, without joint physical custody, have a right to full information about their children, their activities, and of course their location and contact information.

You need to consult — soon — with a knowledgeable family law specialist as to your rights and options.  Do not wait; if you don’t act swiftly, it may be argued that you “acquiesced” to the relocation and lack of information.

Marshal S. Willick
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