Q: My mother gave me the option a couple months ago to move out, and go live with my boyfriend and his family. Everything was fine. But then a couple weeks ago, my mom started ignoring me. Then, when I asked for my social security card so that I could get my birth certificate, get a Nevada ID, and get a job she refused. When I moved out, she signed a paper, that got notarized, stating that even though I was living her that she still had all the parental responsibilities.

 A: You do not state your age, or what kind of “paper that got notarized,” and those things might well make a difference.  My guess is that she is receiving child support relating to you — but probably should not be, from the situation you describe.

You can request a new Social Security Card from  the Social Security office, if you cannot get your mother to respond to you.  Absent that, you could have a lawyer send her a note and try to get her to be a bit more cooperative.

It might be good for you to consult a lawyer.  If you cannot afford counsel,  there are free consultations offered on Thursdays at the self-help center; volunteer attorneys provide 15-minute consultations, for free, on family law questions.

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