Question asked on Dec 28th, 2014

Q: My daughters doctors office is having her fill out paperwork and signing them when she is 16, and the er can’t figure out if they should have her sign the paperwork or if I do. My question is in the state of Nevada, is a 16 year old child legally emancipated when she becomes pregnant or has the child. She is planning on keeping the baby, bit I don’t believe they are emancipated because she’s pregnant. So if you could help me out I have tried to research this and so far there is really no answer that I could find.

 A: Short answer:  no.  Emancipation is either by age or legal decree — not automatic upon pregnancy.  If you would like to review the rules for emancipation, see  For some explanation, see

It is unclear precisely what you are trying to accomplish, but if this information is not sufficient, you might want to confer with a family law specialist.

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