Question asked on Jan 22nd, 2014

Q: We moved to Las Vegas from Indiana to get help with my mom form family members. Now my sister wants to take me to court because she wants me to put her name on my mother bank acct. I put in second place as POA if I become unable, we have a durable document. All of a sudden she is insisting I do this or she will take me to court…Should I move my mothers funds into a acct with only my name so my mom will be safe?

A: It is hard to tell from your description what exactly has gone on, or is going on, or why.  Short term, do whatever you think is necessary to protect your mother or her funds, keeping records so you can show what you did and why it was reasonable to do so.  Longer term, you need to consult with an elder law attorey attorney.  If you have no other resources, consider calling the Senior Citizens Law Project, which has pro bono (free) resources: 229-6596.

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