Question asked on Feb 25th, 2015

Q: That’s right my own lawyer came to deliver the threat to me. If you don’t settle, he said, your hubby will evict your daughter in 10 days and then he will evict you in a month. I walked out of the hearing because it was a bad settlement and I didn’t like the threats. The eviction papers for my daughter arrived tonight. Is that legal to do? She is an adult with a child.

A: There is not information to answer this competently. If all parties are adults, and your husband separately owns the house your daughter was living in, then presumably he has the same rights as any other landlord — and your daughter has the same rights as any other tenants; some information and forms that might help her are on the Clark County Civil self-help website.

Threatening to do something legal, however distasteful, is not “extortion” or “blackmail” in the conventional sense. Your lawyer should go over with you what options you have; consider them, and pick that which you think best for your self interest — and do not give up your rights due to pressure related to third parties — if your husband is willing to estrange his own children to try to pressure you, he is the one that will — eventually — suffer for it.

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