Question asked on Oct 18th, 2016

Q: My ex is having my baby but we havent talked in person since 7 months ago. I want to know if i can change the baby’s name when he is born. And if i can be there to see everything and/or be able to request a DNA test. Thanks

A:  A case was just argued before the Nevada Supreme Court a couple of months ago that might change the rules about who can have a baby’s name made or changed — a decision is due out at any time, and any family law specialist should hear about it when it issues.  From the rest of your question, it seems that you have not been informed about the procedures and rules governing paternity cases, which you can review here.  You also should know about child custody (click here) and child support (click here).

Frankly, your best bet is probably to consult with a family law specialist about every aspect of this case — paternity, custody, and support — find out what you need to know about your options and choose well, or it could be a long 18 years.

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