Question asked on Nov 25th, 2015

Q: I was granted a court order to take my son out of state. The place I moved isn’t working out, would I be able to move to my mothers which is in another state, since I was granted a court order to take him out of the state?

A: Start with the orders — both the original decree and the order granting the current (existing) relocation.  If the answer is not completely clear from those, the law will be little help; judges have gone both ways on the question of whether “secondary” moves require further applications to the court (in the absence of consent given by the left-behind parent).

To be as safe as possible, consider giving notice of the planned relocation and see if you get any kind of push-back.  If so, you should consult counsel; if not, plan the move, execute it, and send a follow-up note indicating that you took silence as acquiescence to the relocation.

Marshal S. Willick