Question asked on May 22, 2016

Q: I have a child support case with the state of Nevada. I have accounting fraud evidence(empirical) from the state regarding the accounting of my case( it was an error back in 2011 but became fraud when they refuse to correct it). I also have evidence(empirical) of unlawful and unethical conduct from the state of Nevada. My question is simply, what type of lawyer do I need in order to bring a case against the state of Nevada?

A: Your inquiry got routed for a family law inquiry; there are lawyers specializing in “1983” actions and other suits against the government (you may want to call the state Bar at 702-382-2200 for recommendations as to how to find such lawyers). My guess (only a guess; it is not my area of expertise) is that the DA has absolute immunity from such a suit, but feel free to inquire.

But in the bigger picture, what, precisely, are you trying to accomplish? If you have evidence that the DA’s office has substantially miscalculated support arrears, interest, and penalties (which would not be surprising; see Here) then your proper remedy is through a family law specialist who can obtain and challenge the agency account audit — probably in regular family court — and get the matter corrected.

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