Question asked on Jan 02nd, 2015

Q: I am trying to get some info for a friend. He lives in Nevada, was in a long term relationship with a girl and they had one daughter together. When they broke up, she fled to Ohio while pregnant with her second child but never told him until the younger daughter was born. He has tried to stay in contact with her for the children’s sake but she has cut off all communication with him for the past year. There has always been a question of whether the two girls are his because she was cheating with in the relationship and the mother has even told him she isn’t sure if he is the dad or not. How should he go about getting a paternity test done since she lives in ohio and he is still in nevada? Thank you!

A: Well, the fastest way would be to hire counsel where the mom lives and file a paternity action there.  Since he is asserting paternity and the conception is alleged to have occurred in Nevada, he could file a paternity action here and she would be required to respond, but the realities of getting testing done between states will probably take a bit longer.  If money is a concern, he should call the District Attorney Family Support unit and inquire how to use the D.A.’s office to initiate a paternity case; it will be slower still, but will cost little or nothing.  Of course, support for both kids will be in play.  See:

Marshal S. Willick