Question asked on Jun 16th, 2017

Q: I am a teacher (46K a year) with a son from a prior marriage on a mission. Financially I have been pushed to the limits with my husband’s heroin/fentanyl addiction. He recently threatened me that if I divorce him, he will want spousal support. I care for all of our accrued debt, my son, and barely scrape by – I am very worried that if I file he could get support because he is on disability.

 A: It is difficult to make any kind of prediction without knowing the entirety of the situation.  Normally, one party being an addict does not automatically give rise to an obligation of support by the other.  One spouse being disabled, however, might have such a presumption — but there is an awful lot more to the spousal support puzzle than can be communicated in an email.  Start with reviewing the information, including the articles, posted on our spousal support page.  Especially look at “A Universal Approach to Alimony: How Alimony Should Be Calculated and Why.”  There are also far shorter materials, and even some videos.  However, the issue of alimony is always highly dependent on the specific facts of your case, and I strongly suggest consulting with a family law specialist as to all issues, as soon as you possibly can.

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