Question asked on Feb 04th, 2017

Q: Since we are not divorced yet, is there anyway he can threaten to get part of the house even though no part of it is in his name?

A: Short answer: “maybe.”  The question is less whose name is on the house title than where the money came from to acquire and make payments on it.  For an explanation of how property claims are analyzed in Nevada, see the materials posted here.

From your question, it is difficult to tell which court might have jurisdiction over what claims.  To explain, see the article “The Basics of Family Law Jurisdiction” posted here.  There are enough questions about who can do what, where, and who has claims to what, in which actions, that you should probably schedule a consultation with a family law specislist to go over all possible claims, defenses, and options.  If you wanted to schedule a consultation with this firm, our consultation policies, procedures, and costs are posted here.

Marshal S. Willick