Question asked on Dec 30th, 2016

Q: My credit is destroyed due to non payment on my ex-husband’s accounts. Because I am not on them, I can’t even access them. He took responsibility for the debt in the divorce, is there a way to take this off my credit?

 A: If you were not on the accounts, your ex’s non-payment should not be reflecting on your credit history.  You should contact the credit bureaus directly (you can get all 3 major credit reports once each for free each year — you should get Experian now, and then the other one at a time, say, after 60-90 days, and then another 60-90 days), to see if you can clean them up yourself.  If unsuccessful, there are lawyers who specialize in credit matters, and we or another office could refer you to such a specialist if you need it, or you could look on AVVO or for a lawyer with that specialty.
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