Question asked on: Sep 21st, 2016

Q:I am a 16 year old female, who wants to be emancipated for personal family reasons. I do not think my mother would agree on me wanting to be emancipated, but I have been living independently for over 6 months now. My mother is both verbally, and physically abusive towards me, and my other younger siblings. I work full time, pay her rent for a place she leases, and I abide by her rules. I am responsible for my own, and buy myself everyday necessities like food, clothes, and etc. Being emancipated would benefit me tremendously, because my mother is unstable, and has mental illnesses.

A: It sounds as if you are now, and may intend to continue, to be involved with your mother (even if only as a landlord).  However, if you wish to pursue formal emancipation, there is a mechanism for doing so.  Ther is an explanation, and may even be forms, on the Family Law Self-Help Centerwebsite, at  Your resources are unknown, but you should consider conferring with a lawyer; some schools have lawyers that come in to assist with questions.  If yours is not one of them, and funds are an issue, the local Pro Bono provider (which offers some courses and other resources) is the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, which can be called at 702-386-1070 (or see their information on the web at,com_jcalpro/Itemid,3/extmode,view/extid,15/).  Those that take pro bono cases take them after they have been screened, and assigned, by Legal Aid.  The Reduced Fee Panel sponsored by the State Bar can be reached at 702-382-2200.  Additionally, there are free (short) consultations offered on Thursdays (in Las Vegas) at the self-help center; volunteer attorneys provide 15-minute consultations, for free, on family law questions.  For those who wish to attempt self-representation, forms are available at the vastly improved Clark County self-help center website, at

I hope some of this helps.

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