Question asked on Apr 02nd, 2015

Q: Within 1 year, my ex has accumulated 7 traffic citations which are all still open and unpaid and 2 of them have gone into collections and have issued warrants for his arrest. I have not let him pick up the kids on his day because I have been warned it is not safe for him to drive with the children. I have told him that I don’t think it’s wise to drive with them with the warrants.

A:Wise?  perhaps not, but as to “safe,” well, that is probably dependent on WHY your ex has 7 citations — lousy driver?  Drunk?  You do not actually ask a question.

The situation probably needs to be addressed, but your unilateral violation of the custody order could also be a problem for you.  Perhaps you should attempt to settle on a different mode of transport (if that is your ex’s only problem with the kids), or initiate mediation to address it

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