Question asked on Jan 27th, 2017

A:  Yes, but not if you mean “Will the Court force my ex to exercise visitation?”  Presumably, your problem is no-show/no call when visitation is scheduled (and a series of events, not a single or intermittent problem)?  What you can do is send a note to your ex indicating that since it appears that your ex is no longer interested in exercising visitation, you will consider the pattern of no-shows as a relinquishment of that visitation, and will free to make other plans with or for the child at those times unless you get confirmation at least “x days” in advance of an intent to actually exercise the time.

If if truly is an intermittent problem, consider sending a text a day or two before visitations to confirm an intent to show up.

In any event, if it gets too irritating, you can file a motion to change the schedule to conform to whatever visitation appears possible and will actually be exercised (for details, see here) — or even, if abandonment is complete, consider a termination of parental rights.

If the situation is more complicated than that, consider a consultation with a family law specialist to go over the facts, and all of your options.

Marshal S. Willick