Question asked on Jun 10th, 2017

Q: I am a minor, 17 years of age. My two half brothers live with my step mom. She hasn’t responded to my massages and wont talk to me at all. She hasn’t said I could see them but I believe that is so. Can I see them or call them? They I think are 5-3? I haven’t seen them in forever.

A:  There is obviously a much more extensive background of facts that probably would provide the answer to your questions.  As a basic matter, there is no specific “right” of one half-sibling to contact with another; that said, the custody laws of Nevada include in the list of things a court should always try to consider: “The ability of the child to maintain a relationship with any sibling.”

Without knowing the complete set-up — who lives with whom, why, when, where, pursuant to what court orders, etc. — it is not possible to provide a more legally insightful answer.  If you want contact and it is not prohibited by a couirt order, attempt to initiate it.  If it is denied or frustrated, speak with one of your parents as to why — and if possible have them, or you yourself, discuss the entire situation with a trained family law specialist who can analyze the situation and provide you whatever options might exist.

Marshal S. Willick