Question asked on Sep 17th, 2014

Q: My ex husband I are legally divorced now, we have a decree. I just found out that my kids are still under his dental insurance and I have tried everything to remove them from filing a motion that got denied, to asking him to remove them. He will not remove them and my kids dentist will not see them until this is removed. I tried calling the insurance company and they wont remove it they said he has to and also tried contacting my insurance company and they said they cant do anything. I’m really at a loss and I need my kids to get their teethe checked and their insurance the place is the only place that accepts it and I cannot remove them from my ex husband’s plan. Please help!!! Also my kids are on Medicaid and my ex’s plan is Aetna and there’s no expiration date for his so I’m really screwed. Thanks for your help in advance!!!

A: This makes no sense to me — I appear to be missing a critical fact; no provider should refuse to provide services because people have too MUCH insurance — it is usually the other way around.  Your first step would appear to be working with the billing clerk at your kids’ dentist’s office; if that is unsuccessful, and (as you indicate, but do not explain the reasons for it) the court has refused your efforts, you might have to change providers.  But my guess is that there is an error of understanding, and that if you just start over, starting with the dentist’s office, you can understand what is “really” the problem and therefor how to fix it, whatever it actually is.  If not, gather EVERYTHING, including all documentation, orders, motions, letters, and notes from each of the people and places reference, and bring the whole mess to a consultation with a qualified family law attorney.

Marshal S. Willick