Question asked on Jun 20th, 2017

Q: I left my abusive husband in Wichita, Kansas and reside in Carson City now. I would like to file here in Nevada for Kansas divorce. Can I do that?

A: Your question may be just phrased awkwardly, but:

You cannot file in the Nevada courts for a divorce decree to be entered in the Kansas courts.

You can file for divorce in Kansas, through Kansas divorce counsel in the Kansas courts, against a Kansas resident while you remain living in Nevada.

You can file for divorce in Nevada, through Nevada divorce counsel in the Nevada courts, against a Kansas resident.  However, on this last option, there could be limitations on the subjects as to which the court has jurisdiction, depending on whether the other party chooses to “appear” in the case.  For details, see the article “The Basics of Family Law Jurisdiction,” posted on our website here.

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