Question asked on Jan 26th, 2017

Q: My brother has custody of his daughter. Shes 5 years old and he doesnt take care of her. He rather do drugs and neglect her needs. Her mom is in another city on drugs and prostitution. He recently left her home alone, while she was sleeping and he went to work. What can I do to get custody of her before anything happens to her?

 A: “Third party custody” is a possibility, as is guardianship.  The possibilities, with the legal references, background, and some explanation, are posted here and here.  None of this is simple or straightforward, except perhaps a voluntary temporary guardianship, if the brother would sign the papers.  To properly go over all of your options, the factual history, and what might be in the child’s best interest, it might be best for you to set up a consultation with a family law specialist.
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