Question asked on Jan 16th, 2015

Q: I been living in Nevada for six years now and separated from my wife for 7 years. I served time in jail in Viginia because thats where we got married and have to pay a fine because i found out she was an illegal immigrant from Russia. Moving forward i dont know how to get in contact with her let alone where she is. Im with someone else and ready to get married. So my question is,because of what i been through am i still married and if so can i get an annulment or divorce?

 A: Short answer:  probably yes.

Unless you or the woman you married did something to terminate the marriage — even if it was found to be a “green card marriage” and a violation of statute — the marriage itself was still lawful and exists until someone does something to terminate it.  Your other questions cannot be answered based on what you have provided.  First, the explanations and materials posted at:

You really need to have a consultation with a qualified family law specialist to go over exactly what happened, what court orders or other documents you have, and what your options are at this point.

Marshal S. Willick