Question asked on Aug. 12, 2020

Q: My baby’s father is addicted to weed, and I have recently found out he uses acid. I am uncomfortable with the idea of having my son alone with him. He is 9 months and crawls everywhere and gets into everything. He has threatened to take my son away from me so I’m curious as to what custody would look like?

A: There are not enough facts here to make any reasoned predictions.  “Addicted to weed” is probably hard to prove, as it is considered not particularly addictive, and is now legal.  LSD is more serious, as it is not a lawful drug.  You don’t specify what grounds he might have to “take my son away from me.”  You might want to review the factors a judge looks to in making a custody decision, which are listed and explained here.  Beyond that, it is probably best for you to consult with a family law specialist.