Question asked on April 25th, 2018

Q: My ex makes unreasonable demands about how I should run my household, how I should spend my time, has demanded that I never drink alcohol because he chooses never to drink, and has told me I should break up with my boyfriend because he thinks having a partner makes one unable to be a parent. Our decree doesn’t have any morality clauses and I am tired of dealing with his moralizing and threats.

A: This comes up a lot, and you probably need to at least consult with a family law specialist to learn how to establish lines of demarcation for the remainder of your children’s minority.  Short version is that, as to both custody and support (you can review the relevant rules, cases, and other materials here and here), how you choose to run your household, and your personal behavior, is none of your ex’s business until and unless it amounts to some form of child abuse or neglect.  On the subject of relationships, I wrote a newsletter that you might want to read, posted here.