Question asked on Oct 2nd, 2018

Q: What is the law regarding a parent volunteering at a child’s school? My ex husband and I have joint custody. I work at the school our child attends. It was my understanding that he could volunteer on the days he has the child, but not on the days I have the child. For the next 3 weeks, he has vacation and has been in twice on my days volunteering in his classroom and standing near him at lunch. I have a huge problem with this but wonder if I have a legal leg to stand on regarding this, and, if so, how do I approach it? Thank you in advance for your help!

A: There is no statute on the point, and very little in the case law.  This generally straddles the line between physical and legal custody (the differences are discussed here), so your first stop is your existing court order to see what, if anything, it says on the matter.  If it is silent, vague, or confusing, you could get a clarifying order in place.  Before doing that, consider direct negotiation (pretty much required under the rules anyway), or mediation to clarify your parenting plan.  If any of these steps seem daunting, you should probably consult with a family law specialist before taking any of those steps, to review your existing order and suggest viable alternatives.