Question asked on Jan. 22, 2020

Q: My “husband” in regards to common law marriage. We have been together since 2011 he proposed in 2012.. we planned on waiting a year while his businesses were growing.. I supported his business we started our relationship in Colorado then moved to Vegas then to Salt Lake City for 3 years and have been a resident in Las Vegas for last 2-3 years.. I quit my job to support him and his companies. He had health problems so our wedding date kept being postponed. Long story short he went to rehab for opioid use and we have since started to part ways and he no longer has me working for him so I have no income and he’s trying to take the equity from the house we bought together and leave me with nothing his net worth is over 4million while I’m left with nothing. Do I have rights?

A: Each of these situations is highly fact specific, so on the basis of this limited information, the answer has to be “maybe” — but probably.  For background, review the explanation and articles posted here, and then I strongly urge you to schedule a detailed consultation with a family law specialist well versed in this subject.  Frankly, there are few lawyers who have had much experience in this area; we have litigated several such.  Whatever you decide to do, you should not delay; such claims should be made as quickly as possible to the end of the relationship.  Please let us know if you have any other preliminary questions.