Question asked on Nov 3rd, 2017

Q: My wife’s false domestic violence charge along with several unfounded allegations have cost me my position What pre-trial motion is best to file to claim significant financial relief as I was making $100,000 annually. I have been told my contract will not be renewed because of this issue

A: It is unclear what sort of “relief” you are asking about.  Presuming that there are orders in place for child or spousal support and you have suffered an income loss of 20% or more, then a motion to modify will probably be entertained.  See the relevant statutes here and here.  The issue will be proof of the falsity of the charges, presumably, because the actual commission of offenses resulting in job loss is generally treated as a voluntary act of underemployment or unemployment that is a basis for denying relief.  If you do not already have it, you will need advice and assistance from a family law specialist well versed in this area of law.