Questions asked on Feb. 14, 2021

Q: The judge ordered the sale of the house and my spouse refuses to sign the listing contract. Can the judge order the refusing spouse to sign or order contempt? This has dragged on for 2 years. How can we sell the house in Nevada if she won’t sign. Since I was ordered to continue to pay all of the bills this is draining my finances and she is doing this on purpose along with harassing and stealing my valuables every chance that she gets.

A: Yes, and there are other options besides contempt.  The judge could give you unilateral power to list and sell.  Under Rule 70 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court can have the Clerk sign in place of a party refusing to sign a document as ordered (the listing and even the sale documents).  You should confer with a family law specialist, in this office or another, have a final demand sent pursuant to the local rules, and then move to have the property transferred.