Question asked on Nov 16th, 2018

Q: Hello. About few month ago my wife has packing up. She will go out dont home for few days dont text Asked her she apologized. And do samething over and over but few days ago I cough her gambling and seeing over guys for money? What can I do. ? I think she hook on meth with her friends I just want her to be safe. She hasn’t come home for two weeks now really worried and she not texting back ? Can she do that? What rights do u have to bring her home

A: Your options are limited.  Forcibly detaining your wife yourself could lead to criminal charges against you.  If you think her mental health is in question, call Metro and find out whether her behavior merits a mental health evaluation and hold (sometimes called a “legal 2000”); see explanation here.  Otherwise, you could seek a legal separation or divorce, or if you do not wish to end the marriage and believe that your wife is in need of a guardian, seek one — see here.  You may want to consult with an attorney regarding any of these options.