Question asked on Sept 26th, 2017

Q: I have received papers for modification of his support and he is now wanting me to pay support for our younger son that lives with him. Will they make me pay him support if he is in arrears over $2000.00 for my support for oldest son?

A: Unclear from your question is whether your arrears have been reduced to judgment, how old the kids are, who has lived with whom for how long, etc. — those are the things that would determine the answers to the questions you ask.  Presuming you are owed money, you might end up with an “offset judgment” through which the money owed to you is used to “pay” whatever you are owed, until it is exhausted.  You probably should consult with a family law specialist, however, as it sounds like there are several layers to your problem, and all the facts are not clear.