Question asked on July 15, 2020

Q: Child’s father has been withholding my overnight visits with daughter since March due to pandemic the only communication I get with her is facetime through Facebook.

A: Any family law specialist should be able to assist you.  The guidance — from the courts, from the ABA, and the AAML, is that the pandemic should not be used as an excuse to deny child custody and visitation unless there are special circumstances present (someone infected in the other household; or sometimes (but not usually) if the other parent is considered “high risk” by reason of employment, etc.)

Obviously, every custody case is unique, and adequate information can’t be exchanged in (public) email; If you do not already have a family law attorney, you should call this office (or another, if you wish) and speak with a family law specialist who can discuss your rights, obligations, and options.  Be sure to have available the exact terms of the existing custody order.